"The details of Roberta's rural life... are well drawn and authentic. Roberta's self-confidence and determination are her calling card, and her quest to stand out entertains up through the wild twists of the final chapters." - Publishers Weekly

"Roberta's first-person narration is believably authentic, and the mysterious spacecraft sightings add a modicum of suspense that weaves enticingly in and out of common coming-of-age themes... a heartfelt depiction of a summer of emerging self-realization." -Kirkus

"Pelletier has crafted a timeless coming-of-age story set in small town America. Hand this book to readers who enjoy good, old-fashioned stories." - School Library Journal

"Pelletier effectively depicts a small town with no cell phone reception but plenty of drama... Roberta is smart and resilient enough to handle whatever life on earth-and elsewhere-has in store." - Booklist

"When I think of engaging, authentic young girl narrators my mind automatically turns to Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird...Roberta is not a real middle grader. Important as it may be to her, I don't want to read a real middle grade girl's blog. I want a Scout filtered through the adult perceptions and sensitivities of Harper Lee. I'm happy with a Roberta framed and filled out by Cathie Pelletier, who has created a bright, articulate, observant, funny, deadpan, vulnerable and authentic sounding heroine..."